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UPDATE: Hypnotherapy sessions can be conducted in-office with social distancing. The therapy area is cleaned between clients. We also offer sessions via TeleHealth, phone or Consult, Skype and ZOOM, but in person is best.

The only thing that matters most in this world is you.

Whether you are attempting to quit smoking, desire to lose weight, face anxiety, or even wish to improve your golf game, Jennifer Scott Hypnosis provides a tailored plan specifically for you in order to not only achieve your goals, but help you maintain your succcess and learn from any failure.

For Adults

Jennifer is highly trained to handle all types of cases. Even if your specific issue is not listed here, hypnosis can still benefit.

Quitting Smoking
Weight Loss
Life Coaching

For Golfers

Jennifer is the proud founder of Own the Zone Golf, which uses hypnosis to improve your golf game.

Get “In the zone’

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Available Services from Jennifer Scott Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. You’re actually in Hypnosis every day.

Drop your diet and lose weight with the power of hypnosis.

Now is the time to quitting smoking. What are you waiting for?

Transform destructive behaviors and create new, healthy ones.

Are you curious about past life regression? Do you believe that you’ve had past lives?

Improve your golf game and use hypnosis to get “in the zone”.

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Latest Thoughts from Jennifer Scott

Back to School. yay!

Hi Everyone, I say “yay” to Fall. It’s been a very hot summer where I live in Scottsdale and I’m ready for…

Isn't God's Presence Powerful?

I had a wonderful and interesting experience with a client today. The client was just beginning to realize that his addictions were…

Free 20 Minute Consultation

Are you a first time patient, and wish to give Jennifer a try? Well, you are in luck! We offer a free 20 minute consultation to discuss your particular needs and goals. From there, we are happy to schedule an appointment either in our office, or over Skype. We serve patients worldwide.

What Clients Say

I went to see Jennifer Scott for help with my nasty chewing habit. I have been chewing for 30 years. Now I am chew free and enjoying my life. She did an excellent job with helping me stop and understand more about the way hypnosis works.

Scott Waite Phoenix, AZ

I am an avid golfer who had struggled mightily to break 80 on a continuing basis in the past due to anxiety and nerves as the round was drawing to a close. Well, no more!After attending one of Jennifer’s OWN THE ZONE seminars and learning her proven techniques of visualization and self hypnosis I am…

Rob Peterson Tempe, AZ

Jennifer is an amazing counselor and guide. Her style is about empowerment. She has helped me have a deeper understanding of myself which has made my life so much richer. Jennifer’s no-nonsense approach is not only refreshing, but a huge time-saver. She doesn’t waste a moment – she gets right to the heart of the…

Emily Steele Scottsdale, AZ

I went to see Jennifer and on my 3rd session I left her office and threw away my last pack of cigarettes. That was on July 10th, 2013. To this day I am smoke free and I have two beautiful daughters that are very happy with me. Believe me, I very, very rarely get the…

Fernando Zubia Sun City, AZ

Before going to see Jennifer in Arizona, I was having troubles in high school and summer tournament breaking 80 consistently, and having trouble with consistent and positive thoughts. After she taught me hypnosis, and drills to help with mental concentration, I became very consistent. In one match, I had 5 birdies in 9 holes. Thanks…

Josh Berres Marshfield, WI

A friend told me about Jennifer. He said that she was amazing. I called her right away and I have been seeing her for a few months. One of my life-long ‘issues’ has been a problem with sleeping. The hypnosis sessions made a difference for me. My friend was right! She is amazing! Sleeping is…

Patricia Carroll Tempe, AZ

When you’ve tried to drop weight unsuccessfully many times it’s not your fault. If thta is the case Jennifer can assist you with Hypnosis. It has been well documented that this method has been proven over & over again.I am recommending that using Jennifer will bring the results you’re seeking.

Helene Illston Phoenix, AZ

Jennifer Scott is experienced, sensitive, and compassionate. Years of experience and her people skills have allowed her the ability to transform lives by helping people quit bad habits, engender relationships, and bring calm into lives. Bring your problems to Jennifer, she can help!

Beth Weise Tempe, AZ

Jennifer has enabled me to view myself in a way that has enriched every aspect of my life – personally and professionally. I’m astounded by her gifts and so grateful. I would recommend her highly to anyone who is in transition or who wants to make changes in their life.  


Wonderful session. Thank you so much. Haven’t smoked for 3 months now.


Jennifer has been my gift for over 20 years and has shared with me her own knowledge about the power of the subconscious mind and faith in spirit as a source for resilience and comfort in my life. I’ve grown so much (and continue to grow!) from our sessions that include coaching, straight-forward conversation, channeling,…

Janet Klieman Colorado Springs, CO

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