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183.6 Finding The Real Me

Occasionally during the time I’ve been working with Jennifer we have made videos talking about my weight loss success. Yesterday we made the fourth one and it took a different turn than the others had. We didn’t rehearse in any way this time since we had done the others. In the course of yesterday’s video, Jennifer asked me how it felt to have lost all of the weight and how did it feel when I got compliments. To my surprise I talked about how hard it was because of my uncertainty about this new me in comparison to the fatter, old familiar me.

I had never really expressed it the way I did on the video and I think we were both surprised by what I said. This weight loss process isn’t for sissies, I’ve decided. By taking the time to explore why I was eating so much and so often and then working on healing the causes of the overeating I’ve come a long way. But as yesterday’s video shows, I’m still coming around to accepting my new look. Taking the weight off slowly has been an invaluable gift because I have become very different emotionally and spiritually as well as physically from the 247 pound gal who decided to find a clinical hypnotherapist to help with weight loss. Not only have I been losing the weight, but I’ve been finding the real me who was hidden for so long under all that fat! And, I’m not done yet. It’s pretty exciting!

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