Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Don't be afraid of the dark

Are you a busy bee? Nourishing yourself on what you love to do and radiating your work to the world?


Many people are afraid of things that they cannot see. Imagination and fear can run wild, and can consume you. Don’t let that happen!!

This is a time for you to become very clear about what you want in life and to go after it.

Are  you doing that? If not, maybe I can  help.

Don’t think about what might seem to be out of reach for you. Just explore what might make your heart beat a little faster because you’ve longed for this but maybe have been too fearful to go after it.

Let’s see… maybe you’ve wanted to do something more creative, but immediately pushed that thought away because you don’t believe you can make money with this.

Instead of banishing this idea, check it out.

Get  information about what this might entail.

More education? Getting rid of a job you now have that doesn’t please you, yet fearful of letting it go?

I agree to not just leave it, but definitely don’t banish this idea without checking it out first.

In other words, the world is pretty chaotic now and many of of us are confused, discontent, anxious and scared.

Do you find yourself somewhere in this space?

If so, let your creative juices soar and do some research on what excites you.

I can help you unlock your potential to maximize your own performance.

It’s a great time to open up creatively so don’t shy away from this idea.

Dive in! Blue sky… what have you always longed to be, to become, to experience?

Maybe you’ve wanted to be a writer or an artist but thought that there would not

be any money in this. Not necessarily true but you have to do some research.

My main  idea for you is to use this time to let your creativity soar and “not be afraid of the


But you must get excited first, which will definitely override your fears and then let your creativity flow freely.


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