Are You Grumpy?

Are you grumpy? I’ve discovered that it’s very boring  to be “grumpy” and I don’t want to bore myself or YOU!

However, sometimes I just feel that way – as I’m sure we all do. So, what do I do about this? And what do you do?

To tell you the truth, I can’t stand myself when I get this way. So I’ve found ways to change the mood. I get silly. Yes, just silly. I make fun of myself and then I laugh – because laughter is my favorite way of changing my mood. I say to myself that life is too short to be this way. And I might even look at myself in the mirror and realize that what I see is not great.

And if I see my frown or “down” mood on my face, I just get grumpier. What a ridiculous circle I can get into AND once I get into that endless “down mood” I feel like a cooked goose.

Don’t want to be with myself and I know YOU wouldn’t want to be with me either. Then I think, “why not change – right now and see what I get – I start to laugh more at myself and realize that grumpiness is a turnoff. If I don’t want to be with myself then no one else will want to be with me either.

There’s no fun in that. Makes me laugh to think about this round-robin approach. I just have to get out of my “grumpiness circle.”

So now I’m thinking about you and what do YOU do when you get grumpy?

And don’t try to tell me that you don’t, because I know you get that way from time to time like we all do.

My favorite way of getting out of this ridiculous circle of “poor me,” is to laugh at myself. I can’t stand it when I become some kind of “victim.” Feeling sorry for myself for whatever reason I might have in the moment.  And once I can laugh at myself, I get silly again and I’m off to the races of what “silliness” brings to my life. Makes me happy again.

Dogs like this one above really make me smile and feel good. They are so capable of being  joyful and that’s why they give us so much pleasure. Why can’t we humans be more like this doggie who’s full of love and playfulness?

The only reason dogs get grumpy is that they’re hungry or maybe jealous that you’re giving more of your attention to another dog in the house, or they see you being grumpy.


Now take a look at this soulful dog. What’s he thinking about now? Maybe a nice long walk because he’s been stuck in the house all day long. Or, “Oh boy, would I love to have a nice big bone with lots of meat on it – right now.”


Getting back to being grumpy (which dogs get just like we do),  I also find that it takes soooo much effort being in this mood. It really does. And then…. I know I can  go further down into this endless state of “yuckyness.”

And that’s a drag.

It’s actually so much easier and more fun to be happy. It’s truly a choice and I want you to know that I make this choice every day. Yes, I want to be happy and never let myself be in a bad mood for very long. And yes, I believe and know that it’s truly a choice to be either happy or sad. I choose to be happy – and I am – most of the time.


What about you?


How do you handle your bad moods, and do you find it difficult to turn them around?

First of all, you must want to be happy. If your basic nature is to be unhappy or negative, you have more work to do.

So, once you decide that your choice is to be joyful, even if you don’t feel it right now, that’s step number ONE.

Step number TWO is to discuss this with someone you trust.

I have been working with clients for 30+ years, and I’m a great listener.

Once I’ve let my clients talk and get their problems off their chest, then I ask them, “Do you really want to stay in this mood, or actually change gears?” The key for you is the desire to let the negativity go, instead of drowning in your self-pity. Once you get clear that you have this power, you’ll find a way to move forward, and turn your mood around.

If you’re not used to this process, I can help you, and guide you through the “how to”.

Call me if you can’t even get started. I’ll help you switch gears and teach you how to become that positive person that already resides within you  – somewhere.


With love and hugs,

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration, if possible.

(Sometimes the holidays can be added stress to our year, even though they are supposed to be full of JOY.)



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