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If you’re in a relationship now and you really want to lose weight – maybe a lot of weight – make sure your partner is truly supportive of this.

Let’s say you want to lose about 40 pounds and your guy is kind of neutral about his support. Maybe he’s afraid that he might lose you to another guy if you lost all that weight. Would you recognize his potential jealousy? Really important that you ‘re on to his ulterior motive so that you don’t accept it.

Maybe you’ve been successful¬† in the past losing about ten pounds and that’s about all you ever seem to lose. Then you just give up. But that doesn’t get you anywhere, does it?

Instead, what you want to do, is rev up your inner strength and say to yourself: “I’m not going to give up on myself this time.”


So, how are you NOT going to give up on yourself this time?


Well, here’s what I would suggest: Sit down with a pad and pen and make a list of your friends.

After you do this, find one or two who you can trust.

Then decide who would really want to help me?

Who would be able to give me the best advice?

And who would I feel most comfortable with?


Once your decision is made, make sure that person is “the right one for this very important point in your life.”

Make sure you sleep on your decision before calling him or her. Then take the leap of faith and make contact.


To help you with your final decision, please watch the following video:


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