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Sharper Focus

PLUNK! “He really was focused on that putt.”

You hear golf commentators say this all the time, but did you ever wonder how you can improve your own focus and concentration? Since it can really help your golf game, here are some ways to improve those skills — off the course.

Next time you are having a conversation in a crowded restaurant or a noisy bar, concentrate only on the other person’s voice. To do this, you have to screen out dozens of other sounds. You’ll find that your attention will probably drift to those distractions and then back to the person you’re with. However, the more you want to listen to your companion (remember your first date?), the more intensely focused you’ll be and the longer you’ll be able to sustain that concentration.

As a drill, shift your attention to hear a different conversation from across the room. We all can do it. If someone over there mentions our name, our attention can snap into that conversation in a nanosecond. This focusing ability is so powerful, it’s been studied and is called “The Cocktail Party Effect.”

Now snap your focus and concentration back to the person next to you.

For a visual drill, try this: in your next one-on-one conversation, see if you can determine whether the other person’s left or right eye is dominant. (It’s the one they’re really focusing on you.) Now look only at that eye. Then shift your attention to their whole face. Now back to that dominant eye. You’re shifting and sharpening your focus.

If you practice this, when you get to the golf course, it will become easier and easier to focus on one grain of sand in the sand trap or one dimple on your golf ball.

Before you know it, you’ll be on autofocus.

Persuade Yourself To Win

Did you know that you can persuade your Subconscious Mind that you’re a winner? (Unfortunately you can also persuade it the opposite.) This means that if your Subconscious believes the pitch you’re giving, it’ll work.

You see, your Subconscious accepts these affirmations when what you say or think produces no mental conflict.

For example, let’s say that you want to improve your game – to lower your handicap and play winning golf consistently. You want this. Really bad. But deep inside you have a gnawing doubt this could ever happen. Because “you’re not good enough.”

It happened to Paul Goydos in his first PGA Tournament. In his book, “A Good Walk Spoiled,” John Feinstein recounts how Goydos felt watching Payne Stewart hitting balls on the range. He thought, “Who is that guy? I’ve never seen him in my life [Payne wasn’t wearing his trademark knickers] and I can’t come close to hitting the ball like that. If everyone out here is that good, I’ve got no chance. Absolutely no chance.”

He didn’t. He missed the cut “by a million.”

The point to keep in mind is that an Infinite Intelligence working within you 24/7 will find a way to accomplish your desires if you talk to yourself in the right way, with phrases that get accepted. (It’s how Hypnotherapists help their clients every day.) And these phrases are more likely to be accepted when you’re sleepy, because your critical resistance is lowered.

Also keep in mind that when your desires and imagination are in conflict, your imagination usually wins. If you want to play winning golf – to be In The Zone for longer and longer periods of time – you have to believe that this will happen.

Cheers to all of you who persuade yourselves to win – on the golf course as well as in life!

The Scale Is Your Friend

The scale will absolutely help you stay conscious about what you’ve been eating and drinking. But getting on it once a week is not enough. Not if you truly want to lose weight and take control of your life.

Ask my client, Susan, when you check out her Blog at: Also, look at her videos here on my Home Page. She’s been on every diet imaginable for most of her life. They worked for a while, but she never had tools before to maintain her weight. She always put it back on.

Now, getting on the scale every day is one of her most important tools. Because it gives her information. And that’s what she needs to stay on track. She’s made the scale her friend.

What about you? Is your scale your enemy or your friend? If you get on every day, it will give you information. That’s why it’s your friend. It will help you stay conscious of what you’ve eaten or what you’ve had to drink. And how much. That number you’ll see on the scale will trigger your memory from the day before.

I’m a good role model for my clients because I’ve learned how to manage my weight… for many years. This means that I don’t let my weight go up more than two or three pounds from my ideal. I don’t deprive myself either. Once I see I’ve put on a couple of pounds, this fact registers at a deep level and then – without any effort – I automatically eat less. Within a couple of days, my weight is back where I want it to be.

Don’t you want that too? Comments are appreciated and welcome.


The Pre-Shot Bubble

A lot of golfers see pros go through their Pre-Shot Routines and then try to copy them. Unfortunately, all you can see is the Physical Part.

But what are you doing about the vital Mental Part? And what are you doing that stays consistent on each and every shot?

A Pre-Shot Routine is not just about aim

It’s about intention, focus, concentration and total dedication to being in the moment — and nowhere else. The good news is that a simple addition to what you already do can get you there.

Your Subconscious Mind and body can be trained to respond as you desire, but only through repetitive practice. For those of you who have my CD and are familiar with the following technique, it may be surprising to learn that it can also be used very effectively in your pre-shot routine.

Here it is: take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds until you need to breathe again, and think the words: “Peace, Harmony, Relax, Relax” as you slowly exhale. This may sound very simple, but it’s also very powerful.

Because when you purposely take a deep breath — and hold it — you’re interfering with your natural breathing rhythm. This gets your brain’s attention – to the exclusion of everything else. So now you have no mind chatter and no extraneous thoughts. And — to paraphrase Bobby Jones — the less thinking interference, the more likely your ball will go towards its target.

Practice this exercise ten times a day, off the course, saying the words: “Peace, Harmony, Relax, Relax.” It’s a mantra that becomes an automatic relaxing command to your Subconscious. Now you’re ready to take it to the golf course. Do it before every drive, every iron shot and every putt.

You’re stepping into your own Pre-Shot Bubble. And beginning to score as well as you possibly can.

Jennifer Scott Hypnosis Stressed Out

Stress & How to Deal With It.

I seem to have double the amount of clients coming to me for stress issues lately.  And many of my friends have told me that they are also suffering from stress symptoms like anxiety, an increase in blood pressure or anger.

Aside from their personal issues, I think they’re also affected by current political events. So am I. What will happen next? Who will become the next target? I’m scared. Maybe you’re scared too. I can’t bare to watch TV, yet I do. I can’t seem to help myself. I get drawn in to see what outrageous thing is happening.

Almost every client I’m seeing right now has some form of stress. One client is a biker (not the motorcycle kind) who gets pumped up with adrenaline when he ascends some steep stretches on the side of a mountain – and his stress intensifies when he’s going downhill.

Another client can’t sleep well because of her stress and a third has high blood pressure which I’m helping her manage with Hypnosis.

What I’ve discovered – which I’m now going to share with you – is that most people who have stress issues have never learned how to relax.

Could this be you. too?

Here’s a quick and easy tool to use as soon as you’re aware that you’re stressed.

Best to sit in a quiet and peaceful place. But if needed, you might also do this while driving your car, watching TV or actually –  at any time at all. I use this tool myself and it works like a charm for me as well as for my clients.

First, take a deep breath and hold it for about ten seconds. Then, on the exhale, think these words or say them out loud (if appropriate). Do this three or four times. The key to making this little exercise work is to take your time. Breathe in deeply… get a nice, easy rhythm going… and as you exhale, think:

“Peace, Harmony, Relax, Relax.”

“Peace, Harmony, Relax, Relax.”

“Peace, Harmony, Relax, Relax.”

“Peace, Harmony, Relax, Relax.”

You’ll find that at the end of this simple exercise, the feeling of stress will either be greatly diminished or will disappear completely. Then repeat as often as needed.

Sometimes the simplest things have the most power. I would love to hear from you and find out if this exercise helps that feeling of stress you might have right now.


Picture of Matt Damon

Celebrities Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

MATT DAMON SMOKING JENNIFER SCOTT HYPNOSISBEN AFFLECT SMOKING 2 JENNIFER SCOTT HYPNOSISDrew-Barrymore.jpg quit smoking with hypnosis Jennifer Scott HypnosisCharlize-Theron.jpg quit smoking with hypnosis jennifer scott hypnosisAlbert-Einstein.jpg Jennifer Scott Hypnosis

Ever since Matt Damon went on national TV & told Jay Leno that using Hypnosis was “the greatest decision I ever made in my life,” Ben Affleck, Orlando Bloom, Ellen DeGeneres & many other celebs have used Hypnosis to either quit smoking or for a variety of other issues like health, relationship problems, personal development or sports. When Tiger Woods was at the top of his game he used it and it obviously worked for him. He needs to get back to it so he can shine again.


Picture of Tiger Woods

Tiger Needs Hypnosis… Again!

When Tiger Woods was 13 years old, his Dad brought him to a Psychologist and Hypnotherapist, Dr. Jay Brunza, for mental training but probably didn’t tell anyone about it.


The following year, when Tiger was 14 and interviewed, he was asked, “What sets you apart from your rivals”? He said “When you have to make a putt, you make a putt. When you have to hit the shot, you hit the shot. You just sort of drop into another zone and you block out everything. That’s really helped me.”

I call this ‘zone’ a Pre-shot bubble, and I’m sure that Jay Brunza trained Tiger – as I train my golf clients – to get into that zone and block out all distractions through Self Hypnosis.

Twelve years later in Golf Digest, Tiger said “Hypnosis is inherent in what I do now.”

I think we all remember how Tiger was bigger than life in those early days. He was a hero, a star and his goal was to win every Major tournament. He even said, “Since I’m black, I might even be bigger than Jack Nicklaus.” We believed him.

Now it’s 13 years later and where is Tiger, who was once called “The best golfer in the world?” He’s at 266.

He disappeared from the PGA tour after the Farmers Insurance Open in Feb when he played so poorly.


Then he was better at Augusta in April – especially his short game – but still not great. At the time, Hank Haney said, “‘Even if Tiger has days where his short game looks like it’s improving, it doesn’t mean the Yips are gone. They might go into remission. But they’re still there.”

In June, Tiger missed the cut at the US Open. Same thing in July at the British Open.

This past weekend he looked like he was coming back in the first two rounds of his Quicken Loans National tournament with a 68 and 66. Then Saturday was a disaster but he recovered on Sunday. Shot a 68 and finished his 4 rounds at 8 under.  Tied for 18 and ending the day with an incredible recovery shot salvaging a bogey, Tiger actually left feeling pretty good.

Now, in my opinion, it would be a perfect time for Tiger to remember what he said in that interview at age 14, “When  you have to make a putt you make a putt. When you have to hit the shot, you hit the shot. You just sort of drop into another zone and you block out everything.”


So my wish for him would be to work with a trained Hypnotherapist so he could once again drop into “another zone and block out everything” as he prepares for the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin on August 10th. It’s an unforgiving course.

I believe that Tiger Woods’ competitive nature will keep him working hard at his game until he’s back on top on a consistent basis – no matter how long it takes. However, getting in the zone and “Owning The Zone” requires releasing tension and becoming part of the flow of life. Not working so hard. Hypnosis can get him there, but only if he learns how to surrender his ego and just let it happen – like in the old days when he was our hero and was ready to beat Jack Nicklaus’s record.





Why in the World See a Hypnotherapist?

ANXIETY 3As a Hypnotherapist, I get calls mostly from people who are interested in either weight loss or smoking cessation. And they find me either through referral or on Google. When I ask them what made them think about Hypnotherapy as a possible way of getting help, they usually tell me that either a friend or relative had been successfully helped.

This is fine and I’m happy to help them, but there are so many other ways of  benefiting from the extraordinary process of Hypnotherapy healing. For example, let’s say you are so stressed with work and/or family problems that you have trouble sleeping, I can help you quiet all those racing thoughts and then – through deep relaxation techniques – help you open up new neural pathways that will allow you to let go sufficiently so you can sleep. (I hope you’re not using sleeping pills, because many of them are addictive.)


Years ago, I used to have panic attacks. While I no longer have them, I understand how frightening they can be. I remember having them at parties as a teenager and being unable to talk to anyone – even the kids I knew. I’d run to the bathroom, put cold water on my face and pray that no one at the party would discover that I felt out of control. I’d be dripping with perspiration and my face would be bright red. My big fear was embarrassment that anyone would find out that I felt lost, alone and “panicky” – but for no apparent reason. After college, when I broke up with my boyfriend, those attacks would come back with a vengeance. I felt like my world was falling apart. I was a teen. Now I call panic attacks severe anxiety.ANXIETY 4

Does my experience sound familiar to you? Have you had them in the past or do you get panic attacks now?

When I was in my early thirties and in group therapy, we didn’t meet in the Summer. When we resumed in the Fall, we all shared what had occurred for us. I told everyone that my parents had once again disowned me and everyone else rolled their eyes because it was a familiar theme for me. But then, Gene talked about his parents being killed in an automobile accident. We were all shocked, and I’ll never forget him looking at me and saying, “You know, we’re really both alike. We’re both orphans.” At first, I had no idea what he was talking about, but only a few seconds later, I threw my head back and let out a blood-curdling scream. I didn’t know at the time, but that was a “primal scream.” Gene had clearly touched a nerve that triggered repressed anxiety, anger and pain that went back to my early childhood years.

After that, I knew I needed another type of therapy. I got involved in very deep Gestalt work which helped me release the many layers of my anxiety, rage and pain that I had repressed for years. I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity to do this deep work.

If you now have anxiety, you might think about what ANXIETY 1might be underneath it – hidden away as mine was. It’s my opinion that medicine masks those deeper feelings – even though it may be   essential in your life right now.

Today when I see clients who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety like I did, I know that I can help them lighten their load of painful feelings and lead happier lives.

This blog is the first in a series. Others will be on depression, past-life regression, golf performance, spiritual development and other topics.

Birds and Woman

You Don’t Have To Be In Pain

Most people would agree that emotional pain hurts like hell. If you’re having a hard time right now, I understand because I’ve had my own share of emotional problems over the years. Therapy sessions helped but only up to a point.

It was only when I discovered my Inner Guru that I was able to start my real process of healing.

This discovery happened many years ago when I was living alone in Greenwich Village, playing piano and singing professionally in clubs in New York City. Life was good until people started clamoring for the new music.

Digital took over and I couldn’t adapt.

I was fired, had no idea how I would earn a living and at the same time, was evicted from my rent-controlled apartment, did not have a man in my life and had no money saved. I was terrified.

What I did I do? I ran home, burst into tears, fell on my knees and called out to God to help me. I had never spoken God’s name before but some unknown part of me let go and I heard these beautiful words: “All is well. We’re here for you.”

I was startled because I knew these words came from an unfamiliar source.

As I heard them, I also saw the most exquisite sparkling green, blue and golden colors and felt an extraordinary sense of peace.

I had awakened the Divine Presence of my Inner Guru.

This was obviously a dramatic experience for me. But today it’s quite ordinary.

I’ve bonded with a part of me that I didn’t know existed. It guides my life, helps me feel good about my decisions and gives me confidence.

I feel as though Spirit is one with me and that I am one with it.

Would you like to have this too? Your first step is to recognize that everyone (including you) has an Inner Guru. Try this next breathing exercise and see if you can begin to make a connection.


Whatever your personal problem might be in this moment, take some time – maybe five minutes at first – close your eyes and be silent.

Put your hands on your abdomen and breathe in on the count of 4 and exhale as you continue to count from 5 to 12. Then repeat this rhythmic breathing for at least 5 rounds and notice how peaceful you begin to feel.

If you do this for more rounds, you’ll be able to go deeper into that Divine Presence that resides within. Once you decide to stop, ask if there’s a message for you.

Take a deep breath, wait a moment or two, release your breath as you make a space to receive whatever might be there. Be patient and wait.

If you continue with this exercise for three weeks, you’ll eventually receive something. (It takes about three weeks for a new habit to become engrained.) Even though you might think the message is coming from your Conscious Mind, it isn’t. You’ve opened the door to your Inner Guru.


The Importance of Belief

Anything is possible to achieve if you:

  • Want it
  • See it
  • Feel it
  • Believe it


All four of these points are important, but I’m emphasizing Belief because it’s key.


You can deeply want something and feel that it’s already yours. But if you don’t truly believe that you can have this desire fulfilled, it will never happen.

Here’s an example of what I mean: Let’s say that you want great wealth. You can picture your bank account overflowing with thousands of dollars. (The more specific the amount the better.) You can almost feel the money in your hands. But if you don’t believe that you’re worthy or if there’s an obstacle to that wealth somewhere in the deeper part of your mind, you still won’t achieve that wealth.

In Joseph Murphy’s 1963 book, “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”, he says the following about not achieving the results that you want:
“Any time you try to force your Subconscious Mind to do something for you, you will fail. Your Subconscious Mind does not respond to mental coercion. It responds to your faith or Conscious Mind acceptance.”

Belief is a relaxed state of mind. Whenever you use effort or willpower, you’re trying too hard and your Subconscious Mind does not respond to force.

So whatever it is that you want to create, check inside first to see if there is any resistance to believing. You may think you believe that you can achieve what you desire, but you’ll never do it if doubts lurk beneath the surface.


Once you learn Self Hypnosis, this entire process will become faster and more efficient.

Susan did it and lost 80lbs!

I’m so proud of my client, Susan. She’s lost 80 pounds without dieting or using drugs!

Susan lost and put on 50 pounds twice before working with me. That’s what diets did for her. Yes, she lost those pounds but couldn’t keep them off. Now she knows she’ll never put that weight back on again! She’s developed tools to help her stay healthy as well as to monitor her weight. If you ask her, she’ll tell you that her healthy habits of living are now deeply ingrained so there’s no deprivation.

She feels 20 years younger, healthier and happier. Just look at her before and after pictures above.

I knew that in order for Susan to succeed in my program that we’d have to discover the root cause of her problem and then do some deep healing. She had been yo-yo dieting for years. Through Analytical Hypnosis, we found that she had never healed from her early childhood issues. Healing has taken place over time, and she now finds it easy to eat less, to eat healthy foods, to exercise on a regular basis, to drink lots of water and to get on the scale every day – my basic program – all enhanced and ingrained through Self Hypnosis.

Susan has also developed her ability to tap into a stream of inner intelligence that has helped her in every facet of her life, and she has now become independent of my coaching. I taught her how to awaken her Channel and to then tap into this Inner Guidance as her most important tool of self-transformation. We are both in awe of the wisdom that comes through her.

Finally, Susan has needed to learn how to experience herself as a slim, fit and healthy woman. She now has a full-length mirror and enjoys looking at the person reflected back to her. She no longer hides her body in baggy clothes, and most importantly – she’s proud of who she is inside. Before she was mentally and psychologically conditioned to be fat. She was also in denial about how heavy she was and had numbed herself through food and wine.

Congratulations Susan! I know your weight loss journey will inspire many people now and in the future.

Look soon for the video of Susan describing this weight-loss journey on her blog:

Since Susan’s weight loss journey has been a unique and fascinating process for both of us, we’re presently working on a book that will describe each of our points of view.

Stay tuned!


Lose Weight With Hypnosis

When you lose weight with Hypnosis, you’re not dieting and counting calories.

Instead, you’re using your imagination and picturing yourself as you want to be.

You’re also letting in new suggestions that will stimulate your desire to become what you’ve been imagining.

That’s how behavior changes.

Jennifer Scott Hypnosis Stressed Out

Stress & How to Deal With It.

I seem to have double the amount of clients coming to me for stress issues lately.  And many of my friends have told me …

Picture of Matt Damon

Celebrities Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

Ever since Matt Damon went on national TV & told Jay Leno that using Hypnosis was “the greatest decision I ever …

Picture of Tiger Woods

Tiger Needs Hypnosis… Again!

When Tiger Woods was 13 years old, his Dad brought him to a Psychologist and Hypnotherapist, Dr. Jay Brunza, for mental training …