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Types of Coaching

Hypnosis Coach

As a Hypnosis Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist, I help my clients transform their destructive behaviors and then create new behaviors that are healthy. I Coach clients who want to quit smoking, lose weight, improve their self-esteem, their relationships, manage their stress, depression, addictions and anxieties.

Here’s an example of how my coaching helps weight loss clients. If you became a client and wanted to lose let’s say 30 pounds, in addition to helping you change your perception about food, exercise, eating less, drinking lots of water and getting on the scale daily, I would also coach you about what you and your life would be like once down to your ideal weight.

In order to be successful and keep that weight off for a lifetime, you would need to feel comfortable and natural on every level as this new person. It definitely takes both coaching and time to reach this level. If the weight comes off – but not the mental change as well – unfortunately that weight will go right back on.

This is why all of the weight loss programs you see advertised on TV talk about fast weight loss. They sell you all the foods that are “scientifically” prepared for you. But eventually, you’ll have to learn how to eat – both mentally and physically – on your own as a slim, healthy person.

In addition to helping my weight loss clients lose the desired weight from Day One, I help change their perception about themselves and food. Both are important. And coaching is super important in helping my clients maintain their good feelings about themselves, their comfort in their new bodies and their new perception about what it’s like to be slim and healthy.

Spirit Coach

As a Spirit Coach, I can help you develop your Inner Guru. You might already think of this connection as your Intuition, Inner Knowing or Gut Feeling. Whatever you might call it, you can cultivate and trust it more. Its wisdom and love will give you more confidence, and will assist you in every part of your life.

I’ve been in touch with this part of me for over 40 years. It has definitely helped me grow, given me more confidence in my decisions and most of all, I’ve been able to

integrate this wisdom and love into my everyday life. It continues to bring me more joy, more appreciation of friends, family, plant and animal life and of course, the extraordinary gift of Spirit I’ve been given.

You have your own blessing of Spirit as well. You arrived here from that world and will one day return. But in the meantime, I can help you develop your unique gift and to feel enriched by it.

Golf Coach

What would it mean to be your Golf Coach? I would help you wherever your weaknesses are in your Mental Game or your Inner Game of Golf.

After I created my first golf product, a 2-CD audio program called “Own the Zone” which received a 4-star review in GOLF Magazine, I started working with golfers from all over the world. They wanted more coaching to enhance what they were already experiencing

in my CD program. Most of them had not focused at all on their mental game, just their mechanics. This is still true with the golfers I’m now coaching.

Here are the main issues I hear about:

  • My game is good when I practice, but why can’t I play that way on the course?
  • I’ve developed a putting yip (or chipping yip) which doesn’t show up when I’m practicing, just on the course. The more I try to control it, the worse it seems to get.
  • I always seem to play better on the back nine than the front nine (could be the other way around as well). This problem keeps me from lowering my handicap. I used to be a scratch golfer.
  • My drives are great when I’m practicing but they’re inconsistent when I play. Then I get nervous with my short game – which is the best part of my game – and I have trouble focusing for the rest of the round. My handicap has gone up five strokes so far this year and my game is getting worse. Maybe I’ll quit.
  • I just moved to Scottsdale from the mid-west where I was known for my great putting. Now that I’m playing with new people here, my putting has gone down the tubes. I can’t figure out what has happened to me.

Do any of these issues sound familiar to you? They all have to do with the Mind, not mechanics. I teach my clients how to stay consistent and focused no matter what is going on with their game.

Here’s an exercise to help you experience the power of focused concentration on a target. First see if you can print out this pin diagram:


Then make a pendulum by taking a piece of dental floss about a foot long and tying it to a large paper clip.

Sit up in a straight-backed chair at a table. Hold the pendulum with your thumb and forefinger and rest the elbow of that arm on the table. Next suspend the pendulum over the Tee Box on my Pin Diagram.

Keep your arm steady. Now stare down at the very top of the flag above the words “Pin B”. Next take a breath as you stare at this point. What will happen – either before or after you exhale – is that the pendulum will start moving towards that flag WITHOUT YOU DOING ANYTHING.

Keep staring at that point and maybe take another breath. You’ll see that the movement of the pendulum towards “Pin B” will get stronger, yet you haven’t consciously done anything.

Practice this exercise and you’ll see that your ability to focus and concentrate will improve.

Meet Jennifer Scott, C.Ht

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I’m a Certified and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Scottsdale, Arizona. I welcome clients locally as well as globally for those wanting to connect with me through Skype or Periscope. I completed my Bachelor’s degree from Ottawa University and am Certified in Medical and Immune System Hypnotherapy, Medical Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Psychology and Advanced Hypnotherapy.

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