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As a certified and licensed hypnotherapist, I welcome new and returning clients for one-on-one personalized sessions either locally in Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as globally via Skype, Google+ Hangouts, and Periscope. During your session, you will be in a comfortable location, free from distraction and the problems that lurk on the outside.

Scheduling an appointment or contacting me is quite easy. Simply contact me by any of the methods below, and I will personally reach out to you to pick a time that suits you. It is a strong belief that in order to help you, whether it involves hypnosis, coaching, or other services, that the time we spend isn't rushed or on a set schedule. I strive to be flexible with your time availability so that we can focus on the one thing that's important, and that's you.

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Jennifer Scott, C.Ht
9680 E Sutton Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
(480) 483-6941
[email protected]


Hours of Operation

09:00 AM to 05:30 PM
09:00 AM to 05:30 PM
09:00 AM to 05:30 PM
09:00 AM to 05:30 PM
09:00 AM to 05:30 PM
10:00 AM to 05:00 PM

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