• Make sure to answer all questions as truthfully as possible.
  • Don't take too much time on each question.
  • Reflect on how you really think, feel, and act.
  • Be honest.
  • Select the number that is closest to how you feel for each question.

Question Where 1 is 'Very Inaccurate'
and 5 is 'Very Accurate'
I like to get things done - and on time.
I'd rather help a friend than give it to myself.
It makes me feel good to be needed.
I want to win at all costs.
I'm flexible and adjust easily if it helps me succeed.
I might secretly envy others, but don't want to be like anyone else.
I feel safe when alone so I can read, think, and figure things out.
I love new adventures. Stimulation is very important to me.
I always look for security structures.
It makes me feel good to have organization in my life.
I avoid conflict at all costs.
I think life is an adventure and I want to taste it all.
It's very important for me to laugh, have fun, and to keep myself stimulated.
I'm always up for a challenge, like doing things others think are impossible. It makes me feel alive.
People find my easy-going nature charming.
Since I don't like to rock the boat, I often don't express my opinion.
To me, the idea of 'being wild' is too risky!
I pride myself on giving all of me to those I love, but when not appreciated I get quite upset.
I need to be admired for all that I've accomplished.
It's important to be seen as successful.
As long as I'm appreciated, I don't mind going the extra mile.
I put a lot of energy into thinking about what I'm missing in my life.
My moodiness can keep me from being happy.
I'm not big on taking risks.
Fear and worry seem to follow me.
When not filling up on information, I feel empty.
I enjoy 'stirring the pot' by stimulating interesting discussions and conversations.
I need to establish my dominance and power so others cannot control me.
Professionally, I'm a natural leader and often run organizations.
Being an expert is critical to my identity.
The more scattered my thoughts, the more anxious I feel.
I have a strong sense of what's right and what's wrong.
It bothers me when I'm on time and others aren't.
I'd rather help others than nurture myself.
I'm always looking to find out who I really am.
While I usually respect authority, sometimes I can challenge it.
I always prepare for the worst-case scenario.
I love to figure things out myself, and when problem solving, my mind often feels like it's on fire.
I'm curious and intense about investigating how things work and why they are that way.
I get overwhelmed when there's too much on my plate, but I keep filling it up anyway.
When packing for a trip, I have trouble limiting what I take.
I play big and am not afraid of challenges.
To avoid conflict and keep the peace, I accommodate to others needs.
My nature is easy-going and unassuming.
Organization and structure are very important to me.
I get sluggish when not working hard to be successful.
I want to give to those I love, but need to be appreciated for what I do.
It's important to me to stand out from the crowd.
I'm usually quiet, but when asked about the things that interest me, I come alive.
Failure is not an option for me.
I can easily see different points of view, and that helps me be a good mediator.
I like to be at the center of power; it helps me get things done.
I need to have my three meals a day; they keep me balanced.
I have difficulty accepting help from others.
I'm like a chameleon; I can change on a dime if it helps me succeed.
When I'm emotional, I can confuse fantasy with reality.
I'm not afraid to make big decisions and then act on them.
I tend to second-guess myself because I don't want to make a mistake.
I have a strong will and do not give up or back down easily.
I often lose track of time because I'm so busy figuring things out.