Many times clients, both new and existing, may have questions for Jennifer regarding hypnosis, what they might come to expect, and other common questions. Before reaching out to Jennifer, please see if your question is answered here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jennifer has a home office with a very peaceful environment. It’s in the back of the house, so you and her won’t be disturbed. Once you enter her space, Jennifer wants you to feel comfortable and at ease.

Whatever the issue that prompted you to make this appointment, we’ll begin talking about it in a conversational style. Jennifer will ask you questions that will help her understand you beyond what you might tell her. You’ll have the same opportunity.

Then Jennifer will describe to you in detail how natural Hypnosis is, what the process will be like for you and what we can accomplish when you’re relaxed and open to her purposeful suggestions. Then we’ll begin doing the work.

Absolutely. Jennifer has been in practice for over 20 years and has helped hundreds of smokers quit smoking in two sessions. If more are needed (2 sessions are sufficient for most clients) Jennifer doesn’t charge. Her intention is to make sure you’re a non-smoker forever.

Since Hypnosis is the doorway to your Subconscious Mind, Jennifer’s weight loss suggestions about eating small amounts of healthy food, chewing slowly and feeling satisfied – while in this trance state – will penetrate into your Deeper Mind and body so that your weight will come off without dieting. Your Subconscious Mind is pliable and when you’re receptive, Jennifer’s suggestions will change your relationship to food, to exercise and will transform your life.

Meet Jennifer Scott, C.Ht

Jennifer Scott Headshot

I’m a Certified and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Scottsdale, Arizona. I welcome clients locally as well as globally for those wanting to connect with me through Skype or Periscope. I completed my Bachelor’s degree from Ottawa University and am Certified in Medical and Immune System Hypnotherapy, Medical Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Psychology and Advanced Hypnotherapy.

Business Hours

Monday – Friday 9:00AM – 5:30PM

Saturday  10:00AM – 5:00PM


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