How to Beat the Heat!

This kid is not letting the heat get him down. Nor am I. It’s toxic heat here in Arizona and we all have to get out early in the morning if we want to experience some relief.

Let’s get productive while we’re indoors. I love to write and that’s what I’m doing right now. Keeps me sane!!

If you feel the heat more intensely than ever before – like I do – what are you doing about it?

Puzzles are good. So are family-and-friend gatherings. But I would love to teach you how to use your imagination and pretend you are experiencing the coolness of a summer rain (we’ve had very little of that rain here in Arizona.) But I rev up my imagination every day – which you can do too – to believe like this boy who seems to be thoroughly enjoying the cool feeling of this water showering down on him.

See if you can do what I’m now suggesting:

Find yourself a comfortable chair – preferably feet up, eyes open and arms and legs uncrossed.

Now, as you stare upward at a specific spot above eye level, tell yourself that your eyes are getting tired as you keep staring at that spot. Once you  choose that spot, don’t take your eyes off it. Instead, continue to feed that suggestion of fatigue that’s starting to take control of your eyes. You’re finding it hard to keep your eyes open. Once you feel that tiredness overcoming you, then close your eyes. But don’t close them until you can hardly stand that feeling that seems to come over you from your continual staring at that spot. This is important because you want to feel that fatigue so strongly that you really find it difficult to keep your eyes open. Allow your eyelids to flutter and that will be a signal that you will feel so much better once you close your eyes.

Now that your eyes are closed, this will be your opportunity to imagine that you’re feeling as if you’re on top of a beautiful mountain enjoying a cool summer breeze.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I would love to help you find different ways to battle this toxic Arizona heat. Imagination will be key. Call me to set up a free consultation. I’m looking forward to help you!

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