I Can Help You Find Your Voice.

Do you ever think about "finding your voice?" What I'm asking you is not specifically about your singing voice but more about your authentic self.  Life seems to be moving very quickly these days - at least for me -  and I'm wondering right in this moment if you're experiencing the same thing. Are you?

What this means to me is that I used to play piano and sing professionally before I became a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach. I even did this professionally for ten years in New York City before I moved to Arizona. And a few minutes ago I was at my piano playing and singing and feeling great joy. I've even been thinking about the possibility of doing this again for maybe a few hours one day a week. Just the thought of this excites me.

How about you?

Are you finding that you feel maybe a little confused these days because the world seems uncertain to you. If so, you might be thinking of the relationship you're now in. Is this person the one you'd like to spend the rest of your life with or not? Maybe you're feeling restless and don't know why. Or are you longing to travel to places unknown to you right now?

If you can relate to what I'm saying here, you're not alone. Many of my friends are experiencing some kind of restlessness but don't know what to do about it. We are all cautious about "the Collective Trauma" in the world, and I want to help you if you are having difficulty finding your voice.

So what's the answer?

I don't think that there's any one way of "finding your voice," but I do believe that our deeper Mind, called our Subconscious Mind, wants to get our attention.

If you don't now the difference between your Conscious and Subconscious Mind, I can help you find out. This will include learning about why your Subconscious Mind is doing its best to grab your attention.

An example of this for me is about "golf". Yes, I'm a golfer and never seem to make the time to play any more. However, a few days ago I had breakfast with a golfer friend who definitely triggered my desire to play golf again. This connection awakened my inner voice and I will soon be playing a round with her during this week. Makes me happy to look forward to the joy of something that has bubbled up inside of me for some time, but I now understand that I ignored it - thinking I was too busy with work to actually give myself that pleasure.

What about your inner voice that's trying  to get your attention?

Maybe you're too busy to pay attention and won't take time out from work to have SOME FUN! Even though I might forget about the importance of interspersing fun with work, I sure do know that fun and laughter are hugely important to my well-being.

And I KNOW that this is true for you too - even though you may forget it for awhile. You'll never feel true joy if you don't balance work with pleasure.

I leave you with these words to ponder. (And  you know I'm right.)


As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I would love to help you find your inner voice again - as well as your joy.

Call me to set up a free consultation. I'm looking forward to help you!

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