I Got Your Back

Do you remember what you were like as a child? And do you remember how you were treated by your parents? So much of how we think and feel as adults stem from our feelings and thoughts from childhood. Then there are the teen-age years – usually fraught with confusion, sometimes depression, anxiety and fear.

Regression therapy, which can help relieve some of these unwanted feelings, is a powerful way to cope with these experiences. By remembering them and with healthy healing applied, hopefully you’ll be able to feel the relief of this pain.

It is also my belief that learning more about your Past Lives can help you better understand what goes on for you during this lifetime. Do you believe that you’ve had Past Lives? It is my belief that all of us who are now living on this planet have had Lives before this one. Does this make sense to you? I see this as a  natural experience because I believe in the continuum of life – kind of like a slinky toy that moves up and down. Do you understand what I’m saying? Maybe you’ve never thought of life and death moving in this way but perhaps you can see its possibilities now.

Many of my clients want to know more about their Past Lives so that they can better understand what is happening to them today. This knowing can truly help you if you want to sense that this is true for you as well.

For example, take a look at your relationships – with family, friends, etc. right now. Are you confused? Happy? Unhappy. Maybe looking at your patterns in both this lifetime and past lifetimes might give you a clearer insight into what you keep repeating that you would like to change.

We all tend to repeat patterns but may not be aware of this. Once you have insights into your own patterns of  behavior, I believe you will then be able to unravel what hasn’t worked for you.

I believe I can help . 

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  1. Jennifer SO wonderful you’re still helping folks. And I am still mowing not growing the grass ha! Golf is still good 3 birdies last round. Hang in. You are the best.

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