It All Boils Down to Trust. 


Now is the time to decide what kind of Holiday do  you want. How do you feel about Christmas or Chanukah? This Holiday always bring us many feelings – sometimes sad ones and other times joyful ones. What’s  important is to make it personal – be yourself – be true to how you feel and whatever you experience right now can turn into  huge joy if  you allow that to happen. the  reason I am saying this is because we all have a variety of feelings at this time. Memories are probably popping up about past experiences


There are two types of Decembers for most people. The first type is the hustle and bustle of preparing for groups of people and family. This can be both enjoyable and stressful.

For some people, December can be a very lonely time. There could be sadness and stress related to past experiences.


Now I’m talking directly to you about YOUR feelings. Everyone is different.


I want to help you be completely yourself – whether happy or sad – because if  you do this, you’ll find that as the days move forward, you will probably experience a variety of these feelings. Allow them…. just allow them to be as they are and I can promise you that IF you truly want to have fun and enjoy “the richness” that this Holiday can offer, then that’s what YOU will have the power to create.

However, it all depends on what you want and ALSO, you might not realize that you actually have the power within you to create a joyous and meaningful occasion. Is this what you would like to have?

I know and you know that we all have experienced highs and lows during this Holiday time. But I would love to encourage you to realize that you can make a decision right now to embrace the idea that within you is the ability to tap into your Higher Power, whatever that might mean to you.

Yes, we all have this! It’s the ability to rise above what might be negative or ordinary and then tap into what has been within YOU since you were born.

You may not believe in what I’m saying or even disagree with what I’m saying, but it all boils down to trust. 

I want to give you an example of what I mean by Higher Power. Can you remember a time that  you wanted something really badly and you were fearful that you would not be able to get it? Maybe you were very young. Maybe 6 or 7. It might even have been around this Holiday time. You might even have prayed and prayed that this “prize” would somehow come to you. Time seemed to be moving very quickly and you were fearful about getting it. Then the prize might not have been what you thought it would be. It may have even come later than what you had expected. And it may have been completely different from what you had hoped for.

However, what arrived was a surprise. An unexpected treasure that you had not even asked for.

I’ll bet that this has happened to you. I know it’s happened to me as well.

Let’s say that there’s a lesson in this for all of us. If you believe that there is a Higher Power, then let it work for you during this Holiday season. What I am hoping for you is that this will be the your very best Holiday time ever.

I am here to help you create this experience if needed. Keep in mind that I have a variety of tools to offer you.

I offer Hypnotherapy services, Life Coaching, Counseling and lots of empathy if wanted/needed.

I’m a great listener, aside from my other skills. That’s what you may need the most at this time.

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