Jennifer Scott – Guardian of the Planet


We are all Stewards Of The Earth.

What do I mean by that?

Now is the time for us to remember who we really are. We are taking care of this glorious planet that we live on and we must take the best possible care of it! Thank you God for all that you give us and for all that we are bringing into the New Year.

Do you  know that you, too, are Stewards of this Planet. Yes, we are all responsible and we must  be careful how we treat one another. We must pay attention to how we live, what we say. All is good now but we cannot depend on others to do  the work. We must all do our  part, for others will not necessarily want to take on this task.

Praises to all of you for what you have given to our beautiful Earth. We are grateful for your participation in our Laws of the Universe. We know you can do more and we ask you to always do your best. Thank you.


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