Jennifer Scott Hypnosis – Channel From a Deeper Place


Jennifer Scott Hypnosis – Channel From a Deeper Place


I created this video to help YOU!


You have the ability to express meaningful thoughts and feelings that reside within. Yes, you really do.


Once you let go of fear, you’ll be surprised what will come through.

Your soul wants to speak from that deeper place. It longs to do that. All that’s required is for you is to “let it happen”.


As you watch my video, notice that once I start to “Channel,” I speak a little differently. I express from a deeper place that is used to coming through me.

I love to teach my clients how this process can work for them. We all might need a different approach to receive and express our inner selves. However, what’s important to know is that each of us is capable of moving into this part of ourselves.


We just have to let go of our fear!

For example, let’s say that you hardly know where to begin yet you’re excited about the possibility of YOU ACTUALLY LEARNING HOW TO CHANNEL!

It’s wonderful to be excited but you must start slowly and realize that developing this ability is a process – which you can’t rush. A good way to begin is to get relaxed in a place where you feel safe and “private.” Make sure you’re sitting up (not lying down) with your arms and legs uncrossed so you can let energy flow through you. Then take in a breath and as you slowly exhale, feel as though you are actually making “a space” for Spirit to flow through you.

Yes, that’s what will happen.

The more you relax and ALLOW the flow of Spirit to  move through you, the deeper the connection to Spirit Will Be.


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Jennifer Scott Hypnosis


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