Lets Make Fresh Air What You Crave

Feel the pleasure of breathing in fresh, clean air! What a concept.

Clean air feels great.

I, for one, used to smoke. Thank  you God that this experience is

now in the past. I love, love, love the feeling inside of me when  I’m

out in nature and enjoy the freshness of the air, the beauty surrounding me.

I used to smoke after I was in college. All my friends smoked then and

we never thought about the dangers  – just the pleasure of sharing

conversation, a glass of wine or two and inhaling “that crap!” Yes, that’s

what it was. But the camaraderie with friends, our fun together

was always accompanied (at that time) with either smoking from a pack of

our own cigarettes or bumming one from a friend. These were great times –

I thought.


As I look back on these days, what I enjoyed most was sharing , laughing it up

and getting high on being young and carefree.


Oh, how I miss  those days now, BUT not the smoking, coughing, smelling bad or

creating a false sense of joy.


Now it’s hard to believe that I was a smoker. Yet it seemed to be a part of all my

activities. I couldn’t seem to separate the fun from the smoking. And I know that this is probably

true for many of you who smoke now and connect the two in this way.


But you see it’s just a habit. That’s all it really is and all it was for me and probably is for

you too.


The main reason that I stopped smoking was when I played piano and sang professionally

in New York City, I couldn’t stand the cigar and cigarette smoking which made me cough.

It also kept me from breathing well.


Aside from this experience, I became aware of how unhealthy I felt after an evening’s work.

I also began to remember how I grew up with healthy living and eating. My Dad wouldn’t have

married my Mom if she didn’t go along with his healthy ideas of eating well, exercising every

day and “living clean.”


Another reason that I stopped smoking was because I found myself coughing and remembering

that my lungs were then and still are the weak part of my body. I will never, ever go back to smoking.

I also do not have one tiny bit of craving for it either. So happy that this is true.



I now truly thoroughly enjoy hiking or just walking in nature. The above photo is me on a morning hike (I haven’t been a smoker for many  years now.) I love the feeling of being connected to the earth, the distinctive fragrances of the various plants I pass along the way – and of course – I love hiking at dusk when daylight ebbs along with the sun. And the moon and stars begin to sparkle and light up the sky.


As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I would love to help you overcome the habit of smoking. Since I’m a former smoker I have a great insight into all the reasons why it may seem difficult to stop. But it isn’t really when you really want the benefits of being smoke-free.


Call me to set up a free consultation. I’m looking forward to help you!

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