My relationship with myself

My Relationship with Myself

Do you ever think about your relationship with yourself?
My relationship with myself
Years ago when I was in my 20s and early 30s, I didn’t have the confidence in myself the way I do now.
What I mean by this is that I have rules now to treat myself well – something I did not do earlier in my life.
Here are a few of my Self Rules:
1) I do not say demeaning things about myself.
2) If I realize I’ve hurt a good friend thoughtlessly, I do my best to immediately apologize and ask for forgiveness.
I’ve learned how important this is to not let the sting of my bad behavior linger.
3)I’ve also learned to speak up and say, “ouch” if I’ve been on the receiving end of a good friend’s hurtful words or action.
Of course, it’s uncomfortable to speak up but if I don’t, I’ll automatically withdraw from that person and I don’t think that’s fair.
Can you relate to this? I’d love to hear about it.
How do you react when a good friend hurts you, or you hurt them?
Call or text me and let me know.
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