On the Clock

Golf Mental Coach
Golf Mental Coach

Is this you?

You start off your round feeling great. You've been listening to "Own The Zone." Trusting. Your swing tempo is good. So are your shots. You're happy. Relaxed. Focused.

But what about the other guys? What do you do if your playing partners mess up? If they're slow or stressed do you feel yourself getting pulled into their problems?

Before you know it, the ranger comes along and politely tells you to hurry up - you're a hole behind and the foursome back there is complaining. You look back and see those golf carts waiting to mow you down.

Or maybe you're one of those other guys -- or gals -- who's having a bad day and feels the stress of your own misery.

Either way, you're pushed by the clock.

But here's the real question: Are you letting something outside yourself affect your personal space? Don't.

Sure, it's hard not to be pulled in, but don't go there. Now is the perfect time to take a deep breath -- maybe a couple of them -- and think "Peace, Harmony, Relax, Relax."

Stay on your own clock. Your personal tempo. After all, it worked before. It'll work now. (By the way, this works off the golf course, too.)

Let the ranger's warning speed up the slow players. And if you're one of them, let it speed up everything but your swing. Just stay steady. Keep that good swing tempo. And if you want to groove a really good swing tempo, get my program "Golf Mental Coach To Go.™ It'll help you make those good shots. And who knows? Maybe your continued good play will inspire the others.

Then you'll all beat the clock.

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