Overcoming The Mental Barrier Of Doubt

I’ve been asking the question on this Blog, “What is your biggest frustration?” Overcoming the mental barrier of doubt is one response I’ve recently received.

And MY response to this is that “doubt” is healthy, but letting it become a reason to stop, quit or not move forward in your life is not.

Doubt is healthy when it leads to your honest questioning about what you’re up to. For example: Am I on the right path? Is there a better way? Can I get through this? Am I strong enough? Am I up for the challenge? Can I handle the stress I now feel?

Don’t be afraid if you’re doubtful that you’re on the right path!

You might as well find out NOW so you can change. There just might be a better way, and only your Inner Teacher will be able to Guide you.

But if you absolutely know that what you’re doing is right and you’re passionate about it, then your Inner Teacher or Guide will help you get through the challenges and stress. Once you learn to trust in that Inner Knowing, you’ll find your doubts will be replaced with confidence.

On the other hand, if you let doubts keep you from asking healthy questions, then you’re bound to freeze and become immobilized.

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