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As the author of my audio CD, “Own the Zone,” I was gratified to receive a top review in GOLF Magazine – especially because it was the first time audio Hypnosis products were looked at for golf improvement. Mine was deemed “the best of the batch.” Shortly after that I was interviewed by Kelly Tilghman, a Golf Channel Host, which triggered a flurry of orders from all over the world. Orders continue as well as positive feedback from both golfers and golf coaches.

Joe Daley

PGA Champions Tour


Thank you for all your help throughout the years. I’m still using your techniques on a regular basis. People think I’m crazy when I tell them some of the stuff. But it works for me.

If you go to Google and type golf hypnosis, my website, www.ownthezonegolf.com consistently appears in the top rankings.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hypnosis and what does it have to do with golf?

Hypnosis is a natural, every-day experience when you’re in a kind of trance or altered state of Mind – temporarily away from Conscious reality – like when driving your car and you’re so involved with your own thoughts that you go past your destination. Or when you’re playing golf in the Zone and it feels easy, effortless and wonderful. That’s because Hypnosis and the Zone are the same state of Mind. and longer periods of time.

On the golf course, will it be obvious I’m using Self-Hypnosis?

Absolutely not, except for the fact that your friends will wonder what you’ve been doing to improve you game.

What happens if I can’t get out of Hypnosis?

This will never happen. Just like you might get in the Zone randomly for a few birdies in a row and follow that with a couple of bogies, you’ll be in and out of Hypnosis as well. However, by practicing the tools I give you in my program you’ll be able to stay in the Zone for longer and longer periods of time.

How do I know if I can be hypnotized?

Everyone can be hypnotized because all Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis. However, some people are more suggestible than others. Whether you’re highly suggestible or not, you’ll be able to get into Hypnosis if you use the tools I give you in my program. Not only will you be able to improve your game, but you’ll also be better able to manage your stress and even sleep more deeply.

Is Hypnosis really like what they show on TV? Will you make me quack like a duck or squawk like a chicken?

I could if I were a Stage Hypnotist and you were attending my show that was purely for entertainment. But since Hypnosis is the same as the Zone, I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about during a round of golf.

How many golf strokes will I be able to cut from my handicap?

There’s no way that I can give you a specific answer, but I can tell you that if you take the time and work my program, you will improve your scoring as well as have more fun.

Will Hypnosis affect my concentration, my swing and my competitiveness?

Learning how to get into Hypnosis will help you focus and concentrate more easily on each target throughout the round. It wil l also help you “let it happen” when you swing because you’ll have a technique to manage your stress. How can you not be more competitive when you have such effective tools at your disposal?

Is this program a temporary or permanent fix?

My program is not “a fix” but rather a way to learn how to manage your stress, improve your focus and concentration and to lower your handicap. Once you work my program and follow my instructions, your game will continue to improve as long as you play.




‘Own The Zone’ did it again! Yesterday, while playing in my men’s league, I got my first ever HOLE-IN-ONE! Sure wish I could have hypnotized the guys into buying their own drinks that night! Thanks again for ‘Own The Zone.’ It’s given me the ability to get and stay in The Zone. All my best.

Bob M

Chatham, Il

I played the 500 Club today. I had never played there before. I hit two shots perfectly on line but because of my lack of course knowledge, they went into the water. I had one quadruple bogey on the 17th. Despite that and some windy conditions, I shot a 93!!!!! My confidence, relaxation, ball striking, club selection, and enjoyment level were all excellent. You fixed me, coach!


Scottsdale, AZ

I received ‘Own The Zone’ a week ago. Then I went out and played 9 holes at a course on which I normally shoot 44-46. But this time I shot a 39! Wow, that was great! By following what you teach I got my FOCUS and got rid of the CHATTER and Distractions. Thank You! Wish I had ‘Own The Zone’ years ago. Now I will truly enjoy the game much more.


Rio Rancho, MN

‘Own The Zone’ has everything I need to get into The Zone. It really helps me relax during the swing and enables me to complete a full swing while remaining very relaxed. I wish I had found it before!

Mike A


Golf can be a frustrating game where often times, your mind is your biggest obstacle. In a just a few sessions with hypnotherapist, Ms. Scott, I have experienced a revival in my game and my confidence. golf-testimonialI spent several years with various swing coaches trying to fix my “driving yips” to no avail; the game was no longer fun. I sought help from Ms. Scott and after one session and listening to the Own The Zone tapes, I immediately realized a huge difference in my mindset on the teebox. In just a short period, I have made an immense amount of progress in becoming entirely yip free. I look forward playing golf again and only wish that I had consulted Ms. Scott sooner.

Nick Schafer, Collegiate Golfer

The College of William and Mary

Thank you for all your help throughout the years. I’m still using your techniques on a regular basis. People think I’m crazy when I tell them some of the stuff. But it works for me.

Joe Daley, Champions Tour

Scottsdale, AZ

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