Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Are you curious about past life regression? Do you believe that you’ve had past lives? If so, I’m writing this information for you.

I often help my clients get back to past lives through Hypnosis for two reasons. They’re either just curious, or they believe this knowledge will help with their healing. It’s very gratifying for me when I see healing take place.

For example, one of my clients had a phobic response to fire. Whether it was from a pilot lighting up on a stove, a match burning or even watching a fire burning in a TV news report. This terror was affecting his everyday life and made no sense to him. There was no conscious memory of any reason for this unnatural fear. Through the process of past life regression, he found a lifetime when he had set a building on fire out of revenge and his crime was never punished. He could feel the guilt from this lifetime, and we were then able to do some deep healing because of this revelation.  His phobic fear of fire slowly disappeared.

Past life regression might reveal the mystery of why you can’t seem to have a good relationship or why you’ve always been sad, anxious or depressed. Even if you don’t believe in such a thing as past life regression (and some of my clients don’t), you might be able to experience the memory of other lifetimes anyway because your soul wants to remember and heal.

If you want more information or a complimentary 20-minute phone, please contact me.

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