Persuade Yourself To Win

Did you know that you can persuade your Subconscious Mind that you’re a winner? (Unfortunately you can also persuade it the opposite.) This means that if your Subconscious believes the pitch you’re giving, it’ll work.
You see, your Subconscious accepts these affirmations when what you say or think produces no mental conflict.

For example, let’s say that you want to improve your game – to lower your handicap and play winning golf consistently. You want this. Really bad. But deep inside you have a gnawing doubt this could ever happen. Because “you’re not good enough.”

It happened to Paul Goydos in his first PGA Tournament. In his book, “A Good Walk Spoiled,” John Feinstein recounts how Goydos felt watching Payne Stewart hitting balls on the range. He thought, “Who is that guy? I’ve never seen him in my life [Payne wasn’t wearing his trademark knickers] and I can’t come close to hitting the ball like that. If everyone out here is that good, I’ve got no chance. Absolutely no chance.”

He didn’t. He missed the cut “by a million.”

The point to keep in mind is that an Infinite Intelligence working within you 24/7 will find a way to accomplish your desires if you talk to yourself in the right way, with phrases that get accepted. (It’s how Hypnotherapists help their clients every day.) And these phrases are more likely to be accepted when you’re sleepy, because your critical resistance is lowered.

Also keep in mind that when your desires and imagination are in conflict, your imagination usually wins. If you want to play winning golf – to be In The Zone for longer and longer periods of time – you have to believe that this will happen.

Cheers to all of you who persuade yourselves to win – on the golf course as well as in life!

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