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When it comes to your swing, how often have you been told, “Just let it happen”? Every golfer wants to do this but unless you learn how, you’ll end up using too much effort and getting frustrated.

My “Own the Zone 7-day program for Golf” will teach you how “to let it happen” in two ways. First, you’re going to learn about your specific personality traits and what you can do to make them work for you instead of getting in your way.

Then you’ll learn how to get into the Zone for longer and longer periods of time through Hypnosis techniques.

Once you go through all seven days of my program, you’ll forget how to swing with effort. You will learn how to relax your body, focus precisely on each target, and you’ll experience how easy it is to “just let it happen” when you swing. Finally, you’ll know what those words really mean.

About Jennifer Scott

As the author of my audio CD, “Own the Zone,” I was gratified to receive a top review in GOLF Magazine – especially because it was the first time audio Hypnosis products were looked at for golf improvement. Mine was deemed “the best of the batch.” Shortly after that I was interviewed by Kelly Tilghman on The Golf Channel which triggered a flurry of orders from all over the world. Orders continue as well as positive feedback from both golfers and golf coaches.

If you go to Google and type golf hypnosis my website, www.ownthezonegolf.com consistently appears in the top rankings.

I’m also honored to be in the good company of Tommy Armour, Ben Hogan and Bob Rotella. We each have a chapter in George Peper’s landmark book, “The Secret of Golf”. My chapter, “The Case for Hypnosis” is one of the 3 mental game secrets highlighted on the back cover.

For 8 years I enjoyed teaching future golf professionals at the Golf Academy of America. I’m also teaching mind mastery to golf professionals on the Senior Tour, collegiate golf team members and aspiring amateurs.

And now I’m excited about creating a new program that’s a crucial breakthrough in golf mental improvement. It combines all of my experience with Hypnosis and golf – along with a totally different approach: the identification of who you are, rather than how you swing. It’s called The Own The Zone 7-Day Golf Program. It’s completely downloadable with both audio files for each of the 7 days plus a workbook to reinforce each day.

My Own The Zone 7-Day Golf Program is a landmark advance in golf ’s mental game. It will be effective for golfers regardless of their skill level.


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