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Relationship issues can be tough

Relationship issues can be tough – whether they’re with your significant other, a family member or even with yourself. But it’s my belief that it’s best to deal with these issues right away before they fester. If we don’t, our imagination can take over and we might overreact at a later time.
Jennifer Scott
For example, let’s say a good friend has offended you with a critical remark but you don’t believe it was meant to be hurtful. Yet, it has still lingered in your mind.

If you could have let it go easily after the initial “sting,” that would have probably meant that it wasn’t that meaningful for you. But if it pops up in your mind and seems to interfere with your good feelings about life, then you know that it’s important to clear the air and say something.

You probably already know that if you wait too long to speak up in these uncomfortable situations, that you stuff your feelings and say nothing. I know I’ve done this in the past and no longer do.

I’ve learned how unhealthy this is for me and for others who I care about.

And honestly, catching these hurtful stings right away and dealing with them right away becomes easier as you feel the benefit of your spiritual growth.

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