Spirit is always available once you realize that it’s a part of you

What is your Heart Yearning for?

Do you know that you can talk to your Spirit Guides? I do this all the time. Here’s a sample: “We here in Spirit are pleased to speak through Jennifer’s Heart Chakra and this is for your benefit. We know that you are troubled by many issues at this time in your life. We also know that you have fabulous intuition whether you know it or not. Note that we want you to learn how to do this yourself by thinking, “I want to receive my truth in this moment and only my truth.”

Here it is: You need only to ask for that part of you to speak out and it will – just like mine is speaking now. See for yourself that you have great Spirit and great potential to grow. All you need is a special kind of example and you will find that words will flow out of you. We want you to learn this method:

“My soul is longing to speak out to others. But I might be afraid of offending someone. However, I know that it wants to speak out so I will allow it to do so:

“Know your truth and it will flourish and thrive.
You don’t need to do any more than this and it will grow. But be patient and allow yourself the time to dig in deeply to your soul and it will begin its messages. Trust. It will all come through you.”

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