Staying Young by Staying Active

Staying Young by Staying Active


I really believe these words! I live these words and I know that this is why I feel happy most of the time.


I love working and enjoy working as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach for my clients.

It gives me great pleasure and I’m grateful for this opportunity.  I do my best work when my clients and I laugh together

then I relax – they relax and what we do together seems effortless.

Yes. I’m a happy person – MOST OF THE TIME.


What about YOU?  How do you feel as you grow older – no matter what your age right now. Do you feel your life

has meaning – for you – for your circle of friends and even for your family? Do you wake up grumpy or with excitement

for what you might have in store for the day?

Don’t take time for granted or how you fill it. It’s truly valuable – as long as you see it that way.

If you think about it, there’s really no such thing as the past or the future. It’s NOW that’s all what we really have.


Soooo, think about this every morning before your feet hit the floor as you get out of bed. Will my life be an adventure as I

move through the day or will it be a “so what’s the big deal about today anyway” kind of day?


I’m smiling as I’ve been writing these words – smiling to myself as I think about YOU – my readers as you might read these words.

Are you thinking that “she’s got to be kidding” with all of this optimism.


Well, I can understand that you might think that way BUT, what if you could really take these ideas to heart and maybe try them out?

I’m challenging YOU to do so. Then let me know.

With love and hugs,



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