Susan did it and lost 80lbs!

I'm so proud of my client, Susan. She's lost 80 pounds without dieting or using drugs!

Susan lost and put on 50 pounds twice before working with me. That's what diets did for her. Yes, she lost those pounds but couldn't keep them off. Now she knows she'll never put that weight back on again! She's developed tools to help her stay healthy as well as to monitor her weight. If you ask her, she'll tell you that her healthy habits of living are now deeply ingrained so there's no deprivation.

She feels 20 years younger, healthier and happier. Just look at her before and after pictures above.

I knew that in order for Susan to succeed in my program that we'd have to discover the root cause of her problem and then do some deep healing. She had been yo-yo dieting for years. Through Analytical Hypnosis, we found that she had never healed from her early childhood issues. Healing has taken place over time, and she now finds it easy to eat less, to eat healthy foods, to exercise on a regular basis, to drink lots of water and to get on the scale every day - my basic program - all enhanced and ingrained through Self Hypnosis.

Susan has also developed her ability to tap into a stream of inner intelligence that has helped her in every facet of her life, and she has now become independent of my coaching. I taught her how to awaken her Channel and to then tap into this Inner Guidance as her most important tool of self-transformation. We are both in awe of the wisdom that comes through her.

Finally, Susan has needed to learn how to experience herself as a slim, fit and healthy woman. She now has a full-length mirror and enjoys looking at the person reflected back to her. She no longer hides her body in baggy clothes, and most importantly - she's proud of who she is inside. Before she was mentally and psychologically conditioned to be fat. She was also in denial about how heavy she was and had numbed herself through food and wine.

Congratulations Susan! I know your weight loss journey will inspire many people now and in the future.

Look soon for the video of Susan describing this weight-loss journey on her blog:

Since Susan's weight loss journey has been a unique and fascinating process for both of us, we're presently working on a book that will describe each of our points of view.

Stay tuned!


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