The Love of a Dog

Look at those beautiful eyes!!! I want to take this doggie home with me. However, I can’t. BUT, I’m inspired to bring one home for me and my husband, Donn. I can’t stop looking at .those eyes

How about you? Are  you “a dog person” like me? Our last dog, Jake, who was a black Standard Poodle, will always be in my heart… sigh.

I believe  that Donn and I will  get that next doggie sometime this Fall. I’m thinking about one right now….those eyes are still inspiring me!

I’m thinking about more specifics. Should we get a puppy? Hmmmm… probably not….. maybe a dog that’s about 6 years old. We have a dog rescue facility close by and Saturdays are best – especially right when they open at 11am.

Ok, about 5 or 6 years old sounds right, but now I’m thinking about the breed OR maybe we’ll stay with the idea of a rescue because so many of them are longing for a real and forever home.

Now, I’m feeling sad about Jake, our last dog who crossed over about 3 years go. Loved him so much but it’s time for another – I do believe.

Since  I’m thinking of this Fall, I’m also wondering about what’s going on in the world. Lots of chaos. Really disturbing. If only more and more people could generate love instead of fear!! If we loved each other half as much as our dogs loved us, we could solve all the world’s problems, don’t you think?

Now, take another look at the dog I’ve posted up above. I chose him (or her) because she sure reminds me that dogs epitomize unconditional  love. If you happen to be a dog lover like I am, you will know what I mean. No matter how irritated or angry we might be, a dog nearby will always want to show us love because it’s usually in the dog’s DNA.

Oh, how I miss my Jake right now in this moment. I’m even beginning to cry just thinking about  him.  I miss him so much. Yes, dogs show us how to be the best version of ourselves if we would only pay attention. Dogs love us twice as much as they love themselves because that’s all they know. We are their  life and their world. If we would all pay attention to this, we would take care of each other much better.

It would be so great if we remembered more about how good it feels when we’re “in  love” or just felt love for something or someone else. That would be contagious!


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