Holding Trophy

The Pre-Shot Bubble

A lot of golfers see pros go through their Pre-Shot Routines and then try to copy them. Unfortunately, all you can see is the Physical Part.

But what are you doing about the vital Mental Part? And what are you doing that stays consistent on each and every shot?

A Pre-Shot Routine is not just about aim

It’s about intention, focus, concentration and total dedication to being in the moment — and nowhere else. The good news is that a simple addition to what you already do can get you there.

Your Subconscious Mind and body can be trained to respond as you desire, but only through repetitive practice. For those of you who have my CD and are familiar with the following technique, it may be surprising to learn that it can also be used very effectively in your pre-shot routine.

Here it is: take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds until you need to breathe again, and think the words: “Peace, Harmony, Relax, Relax” as you slowly exhale. This may sound very simple, but it’s also very powerful.

Because when you purposely take a deep breath — and hold it — you’re interfering with your natural breathing rhythm. This gets your brain’s attention – to the exclusion of everything else. So now you have no mind chatter and no extraneous thoughts. And — to paraphrase Bobby Jones — the less thinking interference, the more likely your ball will go towards its target.

Practice this exercise ten times a day, off the course, saying the words: “Peace, Harmony, Relax, Relax.” It’s a mantra that becomes an automatic relaxing command to your Subconscious. Now you’re ready to take it to the golf course. Do it before every drive, every iron shot and every putt.

You’re stepping into your own Pre-Shot Bubble. And beginning to score as well as you possibly can.

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