The Scale Is Your Friend

The scale will absolutely help you stay conscious about what you’ve been eating and drinking. But getting on it once a week is not enough. Not if you truly want to lose weight and take control of your life.

Ask my client, Susan, when you check out her Blog at: Also, look at her videos here on my Home Page. She’s been on every diet imaginable for most of her life. They worked for a while, but she never had tools before to maintain her weight. She always put it back on.

Now, getting on the scale every day is one of her most important tools. Because it gives her information. And that’s what she needs to stay on track. She’s made the scale her friend.

What about you? Is your scale your enemy or your friend? If you get on every day, it will give you information. That’s why it’s your friend. It will help you stay conscious of what you’ve eaten or what you’ve had to drink. And how much. That number you’ll see on the scale will trigger your memory from the day before.

I’m a good role model for my clients because I’ve learned how to manage my weight… for many years. This means that I don’t let my weight go up more than two or three pounds from my ideal. I don’t deprive myself either. Once I see I’ve put on a couple of pounds, this fact registers at a deep level and then – without any effort – I automatically eat less. Within a couple of days, my weight is back where I want it to be.

Don’t you want that too? Comments are appreciated and welcome.


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