Time for Love

Are you newly engaged, just married or thinking strongly about tying the knot? If so, is it time to move into your “next step”?

And, is your partner thinking along these same lines? That’s a good question isn’t it?  So, if this is how you are thinking,  how are you getting

your special person to be on the same page with you?


I believe that the power of suggestion is the way – but with subtlety.

And I’m not talking about manipulation. I’m suggesting that romance is in the air  because it’s that time of year.  

OK! Are you feeling romantic?   If you are, it’s going to be up to you to get this thing rolling. And I   just know

that if you’re with that very special person, ideas will flow your way.


The right fragrance is always powerful. Do you know what that might be for your Love? I would bet

that you do. So start with that in Mind and let your romantic feelings come alive. The rest will follow.


Yes, Spring is here and it’s definitely time for romance.  So take advantage of this season

and let your creativity soar. You’ll be bound to score – just the way you’re feeling – so don’t let this opportunity slip away.


If you don’t have a partner right now, that’s Okay. But I believe that if you “Rev-up” your imagination (as well as your

confidence) you might be surprised at what this special season might have in store for you.  Be open for surprises.

You  never know who you might bump into.


So stay on the track of fragrance and romance. They always win  – especially at this time

of year.  Be creative. Yes, I  know you have it in you. As a matter of fact, I’m sure of it.  

You just have to remember to take advantage of  this

magical time of year and what you desire to create.


Now, if you want to go deeper into this special season, Hypnotherapy can be helpful. But first you must understand

what it can do for you. It’s a useful tool to help you get to your true feelings. I use this tool all the time with my clients no

matter what their issue might be. Once you experience how to get there, you’ll be surprised how powerful it is.


Let me help you find this power that you already have.


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