Train Your Inner Mind To Lower Your Golf Score

Golfers…you have an awesome power to improve your game…a power you have never tapped. It's a secret that some of the world's greatest golfers use everyday.

When he was asked how many swing thoughts he had, the great Bobby Jones said, "If I have two swing thoughts, I have no chance at all. If I have one, maybe I'll have a good shot.. if I have none, then I can play like Bobby Jones."

If you want straighter drives, more consistent iron play and fewer putts… if you'd like to play in the zone… my self-hypnosis program can get you there -- and that can totally change your golf game… forever.

There is only one requirement: you need the motivation and the discipline. You have to want to get better. The rewards will be great, but you must be willing to train your inner mind and practice my special techniques faithfully -- until they kick in as habit.

golfer"I was a 13 handicap, usually shooting in the middle-to-high eighties. After beginning this program, I shot a 76, a 77 and then a 75 at the Scottsdale TPC Desert course, no mulligans. Also -- in a best-ball scramble -- I contributed to our foursome's first place win. Using 2 scores on every hole we shot 36 under! Each of us won a $600 Ping Si3 driver!" D.R., AZ

Winning professionals prove it every weekend: to lower your scores and have consistency with each shot, you must learn how to take control of your inner mind… the same way you trained it to type or drive a car. This same control will also take care of first tee jitters, putting yips and obsessive negative thoughts. : As Tiger Woods said in Golf Digest: "Grab hold of your mind and your body will follow."

How would you like to learn how to take back that control? How not to lose it in the first place? It's really quite simple, once I teach you my special techniques that can be incorporated into your pre-shot routine. And don't worry about looking unusual. No one else will have any idea of what you're doing -- because you'll be stepping into your Pre-Shot Bubble. It's all mental.

The Pre-Swing Jumble The complicated, confusing and often conflicting thoughts that rattle around in your brain before you take a swing are really all a result of one thing: GOLF STRESS. There are 4 categories of Stress Producers. Which one -- or ones -- victimize you the most?

It Isn't Fair!

Your drive takes a weird bounce into a lake. The wind takes your beautiful, high pitch shot straight down into a sand trap. It's plugged. Your putt lips out. You start fuming. You've been wronged by some superior force. You feel like throwing a club, but you don't because you might hit someone. Instead you keep it all inside. And what does this internal pressure do to you before the next shot? Where is your mind? Where is your focus?


You hit your drives so well on the practice range, but now, on the real course, you're slicing everything into the rough or worse. You just lost a ball in somebody's yard. You've never been this bad! Where is the real you, the one who hits it so well? On the other hand, even when you're hitting well, your perfectionism is still a problem. Because then, nobody else is good enough to play with you. Secretly, you're disdainful of your partners' bad playing. You think, "they'll drag me down." And as you address the ball for your next shot, where is your mind? Where is your focus?


It doesn't matter whom you're playing with, you always want to impress them. You want them to admire you. And if they haven't seen your great shot, you have to tell them about every facet of it, just to get the kudos. If they're better than you, you get nervous. Trying so hard, you literally fall apart, regressing to a rank amateur. Before you take the next swing, think about your mental state: is your focus on the target or the audience?

Lose The Mental Chatter

You like to have things go your way. You always plan to have a set amount of time to practice. And you're always there early. If something goes wrong with this master plan, your day is ruined. You hate it when anyone stands within 20 yards of you when you're putting. And God forbid, they should make a sound. When you miss the putt, it's their fault, not yours. The foursome ahead of you is always too slow. The guys behind you are nipping at your tail so much, you can't concentrate on anything except rushing to get out of the way. As you address the ball for your next shot, where is your mind? Where is your focus?

When you hear winning golf professionals say, "I just got out of my way," you're really hearing them say they found a way to clear out mental chatter and relax. And this is what my techniques are all about: helping you clear away the stress and the jumbled pre-swing thoughts which destroy any hope of a relaxed, repeatable swing.

Trusting Yourself

What may be most difficult for you is to understand, accept and trust that you actually do have the power to train your inner mind to do what you want it to do... to train it so well that it can be relied on… shot after perfect shot.

"If you're trying to improve your golf score, you might be addressing mechanics or getting in better shape. Now is the time to address the mental side. It will give you the best results.
Jennifer taught me how to add relaxation and positive thinking to my shot routine. Each session was enjoyable, adding to the previous foundation. If you're serious about improving your golf score, take the time to add Jennifer's program to your plan.

I use her routine not only every time I play and practice, but also in everyday life. I recommend her program to all my students." - Bill Boltz, Teaching Professional

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that you experience every day. For example, when you're watching a movie and your attention is so focused on the story that you are oblivious to your surroundings, you're in hypnosis. When you're engrossed in a book or on an interesting conversation and don't realize how much time has gone by, you're in hypnosis. And - on those rare occasions when you're playing golf "dialed in," "out of your mind," or "in the zone" - no doubt about it. You're in hypnosis.

"As a golf instructor, I always understood the importance of mental attitude. But I never worked with it appropriately until I applied the techniques that Jennifer taught me.
Now I understand that I haven't been in control of my thoughts. I'm learning how to do that. I recently played in a skins game with some friends and performed above my expectations. I was amazed."

-Tom Hardesty, Teaching Professional, Cypress G.C., Scottsdale, AZ

The Power of Hypnosis

How would you like to have the same experience as Kelly Tilghman of the Golf Channel? Here's how. First, I'd like you to create a pendulum. If you already have one, that's fine. If not, you can easily make one by taking a piece of dental floss about a foot long and tying it to a large paper clip. Now print out the following sketch: Click HERE to open window.

Place the sketch on a table. Sitting in a straight-backed chair, hold the pendulum with your thumb and forefinger and rest your elbow of that hand on the table. Now stare at that pendulum and visualize or imagine that it's moving from the Tee Box to Pin "B". Just let it happen and soon you'll see that pendulum swinging as you envisioned. Now imagine or picture it swinging from the Tee Box to Pin "A." And I'm sure you're seeing the pendulum swinging as you envisioned.

Now picture or imagine it swinging from the Tee Box to Pin "C." Watch it change, slowly. This experiment works beautifully for 95% of my clients and seminar audiences. If it isn't working for you, guess what? You're tight. You're fighting it. And if you're tight on a little swing of a paperclip, imagine how tight you must be on the big swing of a driver! Loosen up. Let it happen.

It's true. This pendulum illustrates exactly what will happen with your golf shots. After clearing your mind, relaxing your body and focusing on a very specific target -- your ball will follow the flight path that you've imagined, just like the pendulum! You pictured it and it happened! And now you also know that when it doesn't, it's only because you're holding your club too tightly or you're not relaxed or you're not really focused on your target - or some kind of mind clutter causes interference - just like with the pendulum.

"Jennifer Scott's Hypnosis Program helped me bridge the gap between knowledge of the mental side of golf and application on the golf course. For example, I've attended countless seminars and read many books on the subject. But I've been locked into my old routine. Now - through the techniques Jennifer has taught me - I have the tools to have instant physical and mental relaxation - one shot at a time."
- Steve Grosz, PGA Professional

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