Weight Release not Weight Loss

Why do we call it Weight Release?

Because you are releasing something that is unwanted.

Weight “Loss” implies that we have lost something.

The mind will always try to find something that we’ve lost. (car keys, diamond ring, etc.,)

Unfortunately, when we “Lose” Weight, we tend to find it again.

When we “Release” Weight, we are letting go of something that is unwanted.

The other thing is that it’s important to eat “Mindfully”. Mindful eating is enjoying every bite, and stopping when you are full.
Mindless eating is how we generally put on weight, because we are not even paying attention to what we are shoveling in our mouths.

Wouldn’t you rather enjoy your food and eat whatever you’d like?

This is easy peasy when you learn how to allow your Subconscious Mind (your deeper Mind) to accept  “mindful suggestions.”  Suggestions like:

“The slower I eat, the less I eat, I love eating healthy food because it tastes so good, fresh veggies and delicious fruit are my favorites.”


Always remember that the power of suggestions – through a hypnotic state – work effectively – time and time again- to change behaviors!




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