What’s Next for You?

What’s next for you?

What’s your life like now that summer is almost here and before you know it, the fall leaves will be falling? What does that mean for you? I live in Arizona and and we don’t change time here, but I’m aware that people are uncomfortable and they don’t know why?

What about you? How do you feel about YOUR life? Are you aware of both relief that Covid restrictions are gradually lifting yet you might also feel a little strange or uncomfortable that you don’t know what might be coming at you – just around the corner. I know I feel that for sure.

It’s “the unknown.” When we’re sure of what is unfolding in our lives, there’s definitely a feeling of comfort and stability. Yet that doesn’t seem to be true for myself and for the many clients I work with.

Uncertainty seems to be out there everywhere!

I’m certain that uncertainty is what’s underneath the seeming “Okayness” of today’s experience.

We just don’t know what’s coming at us and THAT IS WHAT CAUSES STRESS!

Let’s say  (God forbid) that you have cancer! That would not be a good thing but once it’s a fact – then you can  make a plan which always helps one to calm down.

But “uncertainty” is a whole other experience because when we don’t know what’s in store for us, we cannot get our planning gear going.

However, what I want you to know is that by learning how to properly use the tool of Hypnosis, you will be able to experience a comfort as you give yourself empowering suggestions. This comfort will actually give you peace of mind.

This is what we all need as “uncertainty” seems to be what’s happening –  not only in the United States – but all over the world!

Once you learn this tool, you will feel the power that’s been inside of you all the time. You just haven’t  known how to use it.

Let me help you find this power that you already have.

It’s actually easy to do and will very possibly change your life!

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