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In today’s world, it seems that everyone who comes to see me for help has a story about what’s NOW going on in their lives.

For example, a client who came to see me, and was sexually abused by a guy – yet she continued to see him.

Why didn’t she break it off right away I thought. Then it occurred to me that she might have believed that maybe it was her fault – maybe she did something that caused him to act that way.

When I was much younger than I am now, I remember a similar experience. Of course, I now understand that I was just too young to know how to navigate this frightening type of guy… and yes, I too believed that somehow I was at fault.

I was about 18 years old and in my sophomore year at college. The guy – as I remember – was very cute and had a terrific-looking yellow convertible. I was very excited about this first date with him. We went to a fun hangout -type place where there was food, beer and dancing. I was not used to drinking (he was) so it didn’t take much beer to get me to be easy prey for this “older guy”  – a senior who was soon to graduate and then go on for his Masters degree.

Without going too much more into what transpired, the part I most want to share is that this boy had his hands all over me  and I remember getting very scared and then – God help me – I threw up all over his beautiful leather front seat.

I think you can imagine my horror and embarrassment at this point… I can barely hold this memory in my mind now because I was so very, very sick and embarrassed at the same time.

So how did I recover from this hideous occurrence?

To tell the truth, it took me a very very long time BUT, my path to healing was actually my sense of humor and laughter which has only gotten stronger as the years have gone by.

What about you? Can you laugh at yourself? And do you make fun of yourself as you experience your own life’s fumbles, inadequacies and mistakes that you’d give anything to erase.

We all make mistakes – which I believe is really why we’re all here on earth. We want to keep learning how to overcome adversity and to grow. Can you relate to this in your own life. I welcome hearing about some of your own experiences.


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