Why does your passion shut down?


Someone recently wrote to me that her biggest mental frustration was, “What next? So many things I could do – but my passion is unmoved.”

What do you think this is about? Do you feel the same way now or have you ever?

To me, this is very sad because I believe it’s vitally important to be:

  • fully engaged in life
  • to make a difference and
  • to have a purpose

If you don’t, you disconnect and feel a lack of passion as this person I mention does.

To get your passion back, it’s very important that you focus on what you love. What is it that when you talk about it, you have energy in your voice and a feeling of excitement?

Years ago when I felt lost and started therapy, I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do. Most of my friends had already gotten married, I was living alone and felt very sad.

However, as I began talking to my therapist about what I loved and made me happy, the only thing I came up with was singing and music. But I hadn’t touched a piano since childhood, and singing was only for fun.

Fast forward three years later, I was playing piano and singing professionally in clubs in NYC because I was encouraged to do what I loved. You can just imagine how hard I had to work to actually earn a living for the next ten years, but I was:

  • fully engaged in life
  • making a difference and
  • had a purpose

Now my purpose is to help you overcome your biggest mental frustrations. What are they? Let me know. Perhaps I can help you as I’ve helped hundreds of clients for the last 17 years. As a Spiritual & Clinical Hypnotherapist, I find the path to helping my clients heal is through Mind, Body and Spirit connections. If you expand your consciousness, you’d be surprised to find out who you really are.


As the poet Rumi said: “Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.”

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