Why Weight?

Why wait another minute to lose that weight and to lose it permanently? You have the power to do this without dieting.

And I can help you.
Look in the mirror. The person you see there can morph into the fit, trim, healthy and very attractive person who’s been hiding within. Why Weight To Lose is different from anything you’ve ever experienced. Because you’ll be accessing two powers you already have, but may not have realized:

  • The power of Self Hypnosis, and
  • The power of your own Spirit Guides

You’re going to learn how to get your Subconscious Mind into the act. And you’re going to connect with your Spirit Guides. You might know them as intuition, inner knowing, angels or inspiration. But however you name them, you surely have been guided by this inner wisdom before, whether you knew it or not.

Your Spirit Will Light The Way
Now you’ll learn how to listen to this Guidance. Each step of the way, it will help you to accomplish your goals. It will help you overcome all your resistances, procrastination, questions and challenges. With Why Weight To Lose, you’ll be:

  • losing weight;
  • gaining a healthy lifestyle; and
  • gaining new behaviors that will last a lifetime.

Those pounds will be coming off, but you won’t be counting calories. Instead, you’ll be training your Subconscious Mind and body to:

  • Eat slowly so you’re satisfied with smaller portions of food.
  • Desire healthy foods.
  • Feel a compulsion to exercise.
  • Feel a need to drink lots of water
  • Want to get on the scale every morning.

The scale will actually become your friend. By getting on it every day, you’ll learn about how your body works. It will give you important information. You’ll learn how to live with consciousness, not fear. Then once your body looks and feels the way you want it to, you’ll be able to maintain it that way for life.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I’ve helped hundreds of clients do the same thing: lose weight permanently. Through Self Hypnosis, they’ve learned how to get to a deeper level where mental chatter quiets down. Then new suggestions can go in like a knife through butter. You’ll be amazed that you won’t feel deprived. Your urges will change. And pounds will melt off your body every week until you’re down to your desired goal.

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