Winter Doldrums

Have you been buried under a pile of fresh winter snow? Have you let the frenzy of Christmas shopping keep you from playing golf?

Relax. This is a perfect time to get away from it all — to escape — to retreat into the comfort of your imagination. Even if you live in warm climates like California, Arizona or Florida, take advantage of these next few months by going “mental.”

Here’s what I suggest you do (aside from just listening to “Own The Zone” on a regular basis).

Practice the art of Self Hypnosis and Visualization. Your Subconscious Mind is where your real golf improvement resides. It’s where imagination comes alive. It’s where you can learn to develop your Sensory Recall.

Can you remember your best hole? Your best shot? Your best putt? Pros can. After a competitive round, they can remember every detail of every shot. All those impressions and pictures are available to you, too… when you’re in Hypnosis. They’ll just pop up on your radar screen. Then when you’re actually playing, you’ll find yourself executing those good shots again and again.

The key, however, to making this imagery come alive is practicing recall — opening up your senses while in Hypnosis.

First, get comfortable in your favorite chair, take a long, deep breath, close your eyes and imagine yourself walking down a flight of ten steps. Take your time. As you go down the steps, you find yourself walking through a foggy mist. You and the steps seem to disappear in the fog. Once you get down to the tenth step, you emerge from the mist — right onto a golf course.

The day is perfect. Not a cloud in the sky. There’s a blazing yellow sun that warms your arms and hands. The air is crisp. Now feel your hands grip your club — firmly yet gently. Body calm, knees bent, butt out. Sense your position in direct alignment with your target. Breathe. Think “Peace, Harmony, Relax, Relax.” See yourself swing. Feel your hands, arms and hips rotate smoothly. Nice easy rhythm. Pause. Swing. Accelerate down. Hear the whoosh of that acceleration as your clubface strikes the ball. Click! Feel your perfect follow through. Then see your ball take off and soar in the air. See the whiteness of it against a brilliant blue sky.

Experience the pleasure of this perfect shot. Recreate your other great shots as well. If your real swing is inconsistent, groove it mentally. This will help your muscles recreate it. Do this for 10 minutes three times a day, once before going to sleep, once before getting out of bed in the morning and once during the day.

Tell yourself over and over again how easy this game is, how confident you are. Believe in yourself.

End the Winter Doldrums.

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