You Can Be the Creator of Your Day

Don’t let stress about catching the virus become your focus!

Instead, focus on what kind of day you want to create?

Let this be your first thought as you’re waking up in the morning.

It will make all the difference in the world as you realize that:

“You can be the creator of your day.”


I do this all the time.


As soon as I begin to surface each morning,

I decide that I’m going to have a beautiful day…and that’s






This really works.

Even if I see the sky grey instead of bright and sunny.

I want to be happy. It’s my choice. Then I start to think

about details:


Hmmmm, what should I wear this morning that will

give me some joy? Bright colors will help  and I am

now thinking about what outfit I have that will boost

my mood.


Oh, and now what breakfast food will nourish my tummy

and my state of mine?


Do you get the idea of what might work for you?


Can you see how this approach might stimulate your

attitude towards becoming the creator of your beautiful

life amidst all the chaos you might see in the news or

on TV?


Once you realize you’re the creator, and put this idea

into your  morning routine, you will find a whole new

way of looking at your life.


What now comes into your thoughts about how to

create each day with pleasure instead of fear, worry

or “oh my God, what bad thing could happen to me



How about your idea of “pleasure? What about your

idea of “happy” clothes and how can you start off

your day with nourishing food?


I hope I’ve got you thinking about new ways of

starting off each day.


I am convinced that you are also “the creator of your

life” and would love to learn about your ideas

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