You Don't Have To Be In Pain

You Don't Have To Be In Pain

Most people would agree that emotional pain hurts like hell. If you're having a hard time right now, I understand because I've had my own share of emotional problems over the years. Therapy sessions helped but only up to a point.

It was only when I discovered my Inner Guru that I was able to start my real process of healing.

This discovery happened many years ago when I was living alone in Greenwich Village, playing piano and singing professionally in clubs in New York City. Life was good until people started clamoring for the new music.

Digital took over and I couldn't adapt.

I was fired, had no idea how I would earn a living and at the same time, was evicted from my rent-controlled apartment, did not have a man in my life and had no money saved. I was terrified.

What I did I do? I ran home, burst into tears, fell on my knees and called out to God to help me. I had never spoken God's name before but some unknown part of me let go and I heard these beautiful words: "All is well. We're here for you."

I was startled because I knew these words came from an unfamiliar source.

As I heard them, I also saw the most exquisite sparkling green, blue and golden colors and felt an extraordinary sense of peace.

I had awakened the Divine Presence of my Inner Guru.

This was obviously a dramatic experience for me. But today it's quite ordinary.

I've bonded with a part of me that I didn't know existed. It guides my life, helps me feel good about my decisions and gives me confidence.

I feel as though Spirit is one with me and that I am one with it.

Would you like to have this too? Your first step is to recognize that everyone (including you) has an Inner Guru. Try this next breathing exercise and see if you can begin to make a connection.


Whatever your personal problem might be in this moment, take some time - maybe five minutes at first - close your eyes and be silent.

Put your hands on your abdomen and breathe in on the count of 4 and exhale as you continue to count from 5 to 12. Then repeat this rhythmic breathing for at least 5 rounds and notice how peaceful you begin to feel.

If you do this for more rounds, you'll be able to go deeper into that Divine Presence that resides within. Once you decide to stop, ask if there's a message for you.

Take a deep breath, wait a moment or two, release your breath as you make a space to receive whatever might be there. Be patient and wait.

If you continue with this exercise for three weeks, you'll eventually receive something. (It takes about three weeks for a new habit to become engrained.) Even though you might think the message is coming from your Conscious Mind, it isn't. You've opened the door to your Inner Guru.

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